World Cancer Day Helps in Fight Against Mesothelioma

Today is World Cancer Day, sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and supported by the American Cancer Society . Cancer is the leading cause of death around the
world, and lung cancer is the second
most common type of cancer in both
men and women. Some types of lung
cancer could be completely avoided if
toxins were not introduced to the body. Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma is one of those types of lung cancer
that could have been avoided, as it is
primarily linked with asbestos, a
naturally occurring yet carcinogenic

Sadly, about 3000 people a year in the
United States alone are diagnosed with
mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the
lining of internal organs that has no
cure. What even more sad is that
mesothelioma could have been completely prevented if the companies
that manufactured, sold and
distributed ( in others words made a
lot of money off of) asbestos had
revealed what they knew or at least
warned employees and put warnings on products made with asbestos.
Evidence from as early as the 1930’s showed that exposure to asbestos
caused serious illnesses, including
fatal forms of cancer. Yet companies
did nothing to adequately inform,
protect or prevent harmful exposure
to millions across the globe.

Asbestos use was regulated in the
United States in the early 1980’s, yet exposure still continues. One, there
are still thousands of asbestos containing products in buildings, ships, cars that were made before the
restrictions. Two, Canada is still
exporting a form of asbestos called
chrysotile. And, three, many
developing countries are still using
asbestos, without giving warnings or taking precautions to prevent
dangerous exposure.

So…what does this have to do with World Cancer Day ??? There are many ways that one can support
ending cancer worldwide, including
mesothelioma, through the ACS and
UICC. Today, at sunset, the Empire
State Building in New York will be
illuminated in orange and blue lights to mark World Cancer Day and show
tribute to the millions whose lives are
affected by cancer and other non-
communicable diseases. You can join
people all over the world who are
committed to lower the cancer burden in any number of ways by checking
out the resource or event section of
the UCIC website: http://

On September 19 and 20, the United Nations Summit will meet to discuss and come up with ways to respond to
threats that continue to cause cancer
and other disease, especially
preventable threats. One way to get
involved is through making your voice
heard and stories known and asking the UN to add chrysotile asbestos to
the United Nations Watch List.

Join global efforts to end cancer, and
especially mesothelioma – a cancer so preventable if enough voices
protested the continued use of
asbestos and if the people at risk of
being exposed who were warned and
protected. We ask that you do
something, anything. We see our clients suffer from this disease every
day, and although we are dedicated to
successfully fighting mesothelioma lawsuits to help them get financial help for treatment and for their families, our
greatest hope is that measures be
taken so no one else is ever exposed.

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